License Renewal and Foreign License Conversion

License Renewal

OFAA offers a License Renewal Course for PPL, CPL and CPL/IR license holders in India. The License Renewal Course offers an integrated program that includes training and assistance in the license renewal process. OFAA covers the entire spectrum of activities for Renewal of PPL, CPL and instrument rating on single and multi-engine aircraft. OFAA provides candidates with the necessary flying hours if any license has lapsed.

Foreign License Conversion

OFAA offers a ‘License Conversion Course’ for valid CPL or CPL/IR license holder that has been issued overseas and intends to convert it to a valid Indian CPL. This course is offered both for single and multi-engine aircraft. OFAA also provides expert guidance required for the License Conversion Examination conducted by DGCA, as per the rules of the Government of India.

With the guidelines issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, OFAA offers necessary refresher course to the candidates. This course includes additional flying prior to taking the tests required for license renewal.

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